Gill's 50th Birthday Party

Gill celebrates her 50th birthday in style and combines it with a housewarming for her new holiday home!

  • Gill’s 50th birthday party was the perfect opportunity to celebrate with friends and family in their new hoiday home in Gleneagles.

  • Gill lives in Cheshire but being Scottish wanted to add a sophisticated Scottish twist to the party.

  • Many of the guests arrived on Friday which gave Gill and her husband Bill a great chance to catch up over a casual lunch and do some showrounds of the stunning new house! Later on, there was a whisky tasting and a delicious curry. Everyone was starting to get in the mood for the main event on Saturday!

  • A piper greeted the guests as they began to arrive on Saturday evening. The dining area was dominated by some very elegant tables featuring lots of purple - Gill's favourite colour.

  • They sat down to a delicious meal which gave them just enough energy for an extremely rowdy ceilidh and a party into the wee small hours.

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"I am not sure where on earth I start with thanking you for EVERYTHING  that you have done for us, to make my birthday celebration weekend so fantastic!!  I have never been anywhere, where absolutely everything was perfect!  Your team did an amazing job - the catering and the catering staff were wonderful, the bar guys were fantastic, the table dressings were gorgeous, flowers, cake etc and I was thrilled to find it had all been tidied away without me realising!!  Literally everything was thought of, and for me being hundreds of miles away in Cheshire it was just the best thing ever.

All our friends were blown away with the whole weekend and have been sending wonderful messages of thanks and amazement!  Some even said it was like a fairytale!   

A huge thank you again for everything."

Gill & Bill Holmes, Cheshire


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