Glam 40th Birthday Party at Glasgow Science Centre

To celebrate her 40th in style, Gail wanted to throw an informal, clubby themed party in Glasgow that her friends would never forget. 

Event Design Concept

  • When Gail visited 88 Events for her party consultation, we had a shortlist of possible venues to add to those that Gail was considering.
  • When we suggested the iconic Glasgow Science Centre it‘s fair to say that she was slightly surprised. After all, most people asscociate this 5* venue with educational trips for schoolkids and corporate events.
  • 88 Events has an intimate knowledge of this great venue. Sheila Samuels, 88 Events‘ creative director, knew that the industrial looking Atrium space, if designed properly, could easily double as a city centre nightclub space.
  • Now you can‘t have a party without letting people know there‘s something going on so we started proceedings off by designing a custom-made invitation. At first glance, the envelope was certainly different. People would have guessed it wasn‘t a utility bill but it‘s highly likely their hearts would have skipped a beat when the envelope was opened and a diamond shaped party invitation popped out.
  • Gail‘s main brief to us was that she didn‘t want anything formal, just a trendy, clubby party and no sit-down meal. Fortunately for us, Gail had recently been at a Cash for Kids event and successfully bid for and won a night of entertainment courtesy of our good friends Big Vern & The Shootahs, so the whole entertainment programme was based around them.
  • The main design theme we went for was up to the minute, infused with a touch of classic. That meant cool looking chill-out areas filled with 13ft long chesterfields as well as lots of LED furniture, including poseur tables and some really whacky looking snake shaped seating.
  • In the Atrium itself, we installed the all-important circular bar whilst the specially created cocktail menu was rotated on the giant plasma screens with subtle reminders that Gail had reached that magical milestone when some say that life actually begins.
  • We installed a special monochromatic black and white dancefloor that resembled a zebra crossing which was lifted with green accent colours provided by nitelights and a rather cool looking bright green, high-gloss cabinet placed in-between two monochrome high backed chairs.

Event Gallery

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  • Gail had asked 88 Events to lay on coaches for after the party so there was really no excuse for anyone to not indulge themselves at least a little and the party was starting to get into full swing when Gail provided some entertainment surprises for her guests.
  • The stunning ‘Chandelier Starlets‘ were keeping guests amused with their unique take on meet and greet and they were certainly a sight to behold.
  • A burlesque style dancer did a comedy routine featuring a drunken, heckling ‘guest‘. Whilst she tried to avoid this unwelcome reveller, the guests helped her move away by popping her red baloons!
  • Perhaps the highlight of the evening was when the Rockaoke began and there was no shortage of willing singers. One of the best performances was Gail and her three sisters but in truth, the guests could have gone on all night if we‘d let ‘em!
  • A truly wonderful event that we were delighted to have created for Gail who was a pleasure to deal with. In fact, she was probably the most relaxed client we‘d ever had, sunning herself in Dubai and just letting us get on with the arrangements.
  • But the moral of the story is a familiar one. You can have the best designed party in the world with the best food, drink and entertainment but if the guests aren‘t up for it, it just won‘t happen.
  • Fortunately, Gail has a wonderful and eclectic bunch of friends and family and so after we‘d finally managed to get them off the stage, her friends all jumped on two luxury coaches, ready to be transported in true celebrity style to two separate ‘after-show‘ parties. We can only imagine what went on there!

The Verdict

“I really cannot believe what a top night Saturday was. Everyone I‘ve spoken to was completely blown away by (a) the venue, (b) the entertainment (c) the food & most of all by the venue. You did a MOST amazing job and I really can‘t thank you enough. Everyone was raving about it…your attention to detail was second to none and the whole atmosphere just out of this world. Thank you so much again!"

Gail Munro


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