Beautiful Food Presentation

Apple _desert _wide

By Sheila Samuels

I'm a firm believer in the thought that we eat with our eyes first. Presentation of food is therefore a vital part of the event design process.

There's a good reason why the top caterers invest lots of time and money in creating dishes that are visually appealing. Great food presentation can lift the atmosphere at any event. It can spark great conversation amongst a group of guests who otherwise may have been engaging in banal small talk before they were served the first course.

Regular guests at corporate dinners or weddings can tire easily from the same old food being presented just as blandly as the previous event. Beautiful food, stylistically presented, can be the difference between them having positive thoughts about the event or merely thinking ‘so what’.

Fruit _on _cake _stand

Refreshing fresh fruit beautifully presented on a tiered stand


Cheese descriptions written on slate are fun and add another dimension to the course

Gordon _desert

Petit four created with blue vodka jelly, tablet, edible grass and edible Gordon Ramsay!

Thinking Outside The Box

I’ve been privileged to work with some fine chefs over the years. Like me, they take presentation extremely seriously. And whilst great presentation isn’t a substitute for poor quality food, it can certainly make great food taste even better. 

One thing that's always excited me, is the willingness of very top chefs to use some of our own hire products such as charger plates and glasses to compliment their dishes.

Claire _smyth

Claire Smyth, head chef at 3 Michelin Star Restaurant Gordon Ramsay prepares a dish using our retro champagne saucer

Lobster _on _white _plate

Our pearl white charger plate is the perfect backdrop for this stunning lobster starter 

Heather _desert _plate

Heather charger plate perfectly compliments this desert dish

Desert _in _tealight _holders

Thinking differently - these blue and green pots are normally used as nitelight holders

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