How To Create A 1920's Style Event

1920s _Themed _Event

The 1920’s is still proving extremely popular as an event and wedding theme.

Inspired by hit TV shows like Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey and Baz Lurhmann’s recent film version of The Great Gatsby, the 1920’s air of optimism and glamour provides a perfect palette for an event designer to get creative.

This was the era of elegance, glamour and opulence. When designing a 1920’s inspired event, some themes you may wish to consider include a full-blown nightclub scene or a gangster-inspired speakeasy scene.

 1920s _feather _centrepiece

An opulent floral and feather centrepiece

Retro _champagne _saucers

Retro style champagne saucers

Use rich and opulent fabrics such as damasks, velvets and other brocades.

Lace fringing was all the rage in this period, so lace overcloths, or lace fringed napkins and seat ties would be absolutely perfect for this type of look.

Black _lace _table _runner

Gatsby inspired table with black lace runner

 Black _lace _full _length _chair _back

Bespoke chair backs in black and white lace with black voile, beaded overcloth

Full _length _voile _chair _wrap

Bespoke, full-length tied, chair wrap in white voile

Art -deco _style _wedding _stationery

Art-deco style wedding stationery & cut crystal glassware

For sets and props, anything with an art-deco look will work great. For centrepieces, tall and opulent flower arrangements are the order of the day, or if you want something more low-key, consider using a table lamp beside a simple Cala Lily in a vase.

Glassware can't be anything contemporary. Our cut crystal glassware collection will work perfectly whilst our retro champagne saucers came to prominence in the era itself.

One thing you'll notice from watching shows such as Boardwalk Empire is that the party people always seemed to be having a great time. 

Your choice of entertainment therefore is key to pulling off a successful event. So, think Jazz combos and flapper girls and you'll be halfway there.  

Remember, the 1920's was a free spending era so the more budget you can allocate towards styling and entertainment, the more realistic your event will be.

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