How To Create A Great Chill Out Area

The idea of having a chill out area at an event was probably inspired by the big super-clubs of the late 70’s and 80’s, such as New York's legendary Studio 54 or the big Ibiza clubs.

Sheila often says that if she'd asked her parents to invest in a chill-out area at her own wedding, they'd have told her to get married in winter!

Today, they are very popular at all styles of event and there's many advantages to investing some of your budget in a good chill-out area. If your event is being held in a marquee, then it's an absolute must in our opinion.

But you don't need to have a marquee to create a great club-style chill-out area. If your event space can be transformed after dinner into a more 'clubby' scene then this is definitely something to consider. It won't be cheap but the results can be amazing. Check out the following 4 images which highlight the various stages post ceremony of this stunning wedding:

Studio 88-032

Guests relax post-ceremony in cocktail area

Glen _dinner

Opulent wedding breakfast in ballroom

Studio 88-233

After the meal, guests were moved back to cocktail area whilst ballroom is transformed

Studio 88-313

45 mins later, the ballroom is transformed ready for the party

Define The Boundaries

A well-planned chill-out area helps define the boundaries between the dining and party areas. You should decorate according to the style of the event.

Boat _chill

'Country Chic' style look using big Chesterfields and plush armchairs

2Gleneagles -Friday -163

Tartan covered cube seats give a contemporary feel to a traditional look

Let Your Guests Relax

Having a seperate area for guests to relax is also a great way for guests to hang out in more informal surroundings. People naturally open up more in this sort of environment compared to sitting at a banqueting table which can sometimes feel a bit stuffy.

Hex _club

Club area in a marquee with chill-out seating area

Gsc _40

LED snake style seating has a contemporary edge

Hex _pos

Let your guests enjoy the sun whenever possible!

Whether you have a chill-out area at your event will depend on the amount of space available and your budget. If you have the space and money, then we would always recommend investing some of your budget in this area as it's a better alternative to guests returning to their tables after a dance.

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