Wedding Attention To Detail

If there's one skill that all great wedding designers have in common, it's an ability to pay close attention to the details.

It never fails to amaze us how many guests at weddings recall the small features at weddings as opposed to the big, show-stopping ones.

Here's some great examples of brides who paid close attention to the details.

Thinking About Your Guests

Anne wanted everyone to have a great time and to enjoy the ceilidh after her wedding breakfast. She knew from previous expereince that after a long day, many women would have sore feet from being in their heels all day. So we suggested providing ballet shoes in various sizes for all the female guests. This meant no one had an excuse not to get up and dance! She also provided umbrellas for guests to take at the end of the night in case it was raining!

Ballet _shoes

Ballet shoes prevent dancing opt-out from women with sore feet!


 Guests won't get wet when they leave if you give them a brolly!

Memorable Touches 

Carrying your theme through all parts of your wedding is a fantastic way to ensure your wedding lives long in the memory. In Jackie's case, she wanted her chosen vintage theme to be incorporated into every single element of her wedding.

So she started by hiring a vintage style bus to transport her guests to and from her venue. Next, she created a chill-out area with some vintage garden furniture. Her tables were a homage to elegant vintageness with lots of lace, cut crystal and vintage china. But she didn't stop there, even serving her food in a vintage china tea cup!

Vintage _wedding _bus

Vintage Theme Part 1 - Hire a vintage style bus

Vintage _wedding _furniture

Vintage Theme Part 2 - Create a chill-out space using vintage furniture

Vintage _wedding _table

Vintage Theme Part 3 - Make sure your tables look all 'vintagey'!

Dessert _in _china

Vintage Theme Part 4 - Serve your dessert in a vintage teacup!

Table Styling Details

Pay close attention to detail at your wedding by incorporating lots of little touches and flourishes into your table styling. The more of these touches you incorporate, the better. However, use your table real estate wisely! If you want to create stunning looking tables then please don't overclutter with bottles of water and needless sideplates.

In the example below, Laura used charger plates, square napkins, mirror frame for table name, personalised place cards, bespoke menus and nitelights. Phew, that's a lot going on and we've not even discussed the table centre yet! However, everything works perfectly together and the table still has enough room to breathe as you can see from an aerial view of the table in the second image.

Glam _table _close

Use your table real-estate wisely, i.e. no bottles of water or needless sideplates

Glam _table _high

Lots going on in this table but it still isn't over-cluttered

If there's one table design we've received more complements about over the years, or had more people try to re-create, it's this one below from Fiona's wedding.

There's more than a dozen individual hire products in this image not including place cards and menus. There's so much going on but it just works beautifully. Elegant simplicity at it's best.

Highland _table

Lots of detail here including pewter butter dishes and pewter goblets as floral containers

Quirky Table Plans

One way to really get tongues wagging is to create a quirky or unusual table plan. This is a great way to get your guests more involved right fom the off. Here's two examples:

Chopstick _tableplan

Hong-Kong based Annabel and Monty created a table plan using chop-sticks!

Quirky _wedding _table _plans

This fun tableplan encourages guests to 'find their place by finding their face!

What Will You Do?

The more thought you put into the details, the more memorable your wedding will be. If you'd like some help with creating your own bespoke wedding that lives long in the memory, please call us on 0141 445 2288 or click below to:

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