Bill's 50th Birthday Party

We were thrilled to be contacted last year by a client with a request to help him create a fabulous party for his 50th birthday.

Having already organised his wife’s birthday party the previous year we knew that this would be a party to remember.  As the party was taking place in the same venue, their stunning home in Auchterarder and many of the same guests would be attending, the challenge was to create something totally different that would reflect their different personalities and tastes.



The brief was to create a highly stylish, masculine look with a neutral colour palette.  To achieve this we paired luxury linens with stunning bespoke mirrored glass table tops and Scandinavian candles in an array of different shapes and finished.  The overall effect was simply stunning. 




It was of the utmost importance to our client that the enjoyment and comfort of the guests was at the forefront of the whole experience.  The menu concept was based around simple food cooked to the highest standard and we brought in a full bar service complete with mixologists to ensure that the drink was flowing throughout the evening.


The real wow factor however came in the form of the evening’s entertainment; a show stopping performance provided by Lulu and her amazing band.  The whole performance was kept top secret throughout the whole planning process with not even the client’s wife and daughters aware of what was happening until she appeared in their house on the day of the party. 

After dinner the guests were lead up to the fabulous party room and background music began to play, the sound of Lulu’s unmistakable voice filled the room and the looks of shock and awe on the guests’ face were truly priceless as they looked up to see her standing on the balcony above.




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