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As the economy improves there’s been a big trend towards more luxurious events. 

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Yes folks, corporates are opening their wallets again so don’t be lulled into the mistake of thinking that they won’t spend.

By all means suggest cost-effective options but make sure to include an upgrade option. In our experience, at least 20% of clients will choose a premium upgrade when presented to them.

Creating a classical luxe look is easy with our Luxury Linen Collection. Don’t be scared to mix and match patterns such as our floral-damask St. Tropez with the twist patterned Monaco.

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The satin finished Milano gives the luxe look a more modern feel in silver...

Turnberry 023

Yet retains a classical air in neutral sand...

Cameron House -024

There’s a reason we named these fabrics after places synonymous with luxury. Suggest them to your clients then seal the deal by showing them some fabric swatches. 

Of course, to get that authentic luxe look you need to have some high quality tableware adorning your tables. That means high quality glassware and beautiful charger plates. 

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