Elegant Wedding Decoration Ideas

We’ve been designing elegant weddings and hiring to elegant brides and wedding planners for so long now that we know a thing or two about what the word actually means.

Luxury _Wedding _Ceremony _Cam

We also know what it doesn’t mean and phrases to avoid when planning an elegant wedding include bling, lycra and fairy lights. 

Think Julie Andrews rather than Kim Kardashian and you’ll be half-way there.

Elegant _Wedding _Ceremony _Fl

For those who like the finer things in life, your linen choice will most likely come from our Luxury Collection of linens beautifully demonstrated below in this luxury wedding we planned at Gleneagles Hotel.

Luxury _Gleneagles _Wedding _8

Our gloriously white Essential linen has a lovely soft-feel to it (starched linen = bad idea), and is so good it makes a lowly Organza sash look a million dollars.

Wedding _linen _hire _88events

If you prefer something elegant yet more traditional, our Cornish Cream Vintage Damask literally write the book on wedding elegance.

Vintage _Damask _Linen Hire _88

Our lovely lace overcloths will also work very well and one of our favourite ever weddings was this Vintage themed stunner at Dundas Castle...

Vintage _Wedding _Dundas _Cast

The secret to a stunning wedding reception is the finishing touches so be inspired with this stunning vintage cream candelabra:

Vintage _Ivory _Candelabra _Hi

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