How To Create A Medieval Event

If you’re going to create a Medieval banquet then create one fit for a King instead of a peasant.

Medieval _Gala _Dinner _Stirli

Here’s what to do.

First, hire a great big castle- the older and more prestigious the better. Next, base your set-up on long tables. That’s a must do by the way! It’s not a proper banquet without long tables.

Stick to black or neutral linens because you’ve never seen a fuchsia tablecloth in Game of Thrones.

Medieval _Gala _Dinner

Finally, colour your table with some of our great products like wrought-iron candelabra, wooden base plates and pewter goblets to create an authentically high-end medieval banquet. 

Medieval _Centrepiece2

Medieval _Centrepiece

Medieval _Table _Setting

Medieval _Place _setting

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