2014 Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is one of the most prestigious sporting events there is with a massive worldwide TV audience. So to say we were thrilled to be involved in this event would be something of an understatement. 

We worked directly for the PGA of America to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for the American team players. At the bottom of this post, you'll find one of the best testimonials we've ever received. This was only topped by the photo of the legendary Bubba Watson and Ricky Fowler clearly enjoying themselves after losing to the magnificent Europeans.

Team US-Ryder Cup -41

Team US-Ryder Cup -42

The main room was divided into sections with dining area, chill-out area and games area.

Team US-Ryder Cup -33

Table styling featured tartan to celebrate the event being in Scotland.

Team US-Ryder Cup -04

The chill-out area combined Perthshire country feel with US team coloured cubes.

Team US-Ryder Cup -38

The games area featured two ping-pong tables branded with US team logo.

Team US-Ryder Cup -48

And when the players weren't playing ping-pong they could groove away to their favourite tunes!

Team US-Ryder Cup -57

There was serious business to attend at team meetings and our stunning black French chairs gave a more formal feeling to this room.

Team US-Ryder Cup -62

Another view of the meeting room.

Team US-Ryder Cup -66

Our contemporary furniture and French chairs gave the players a relaxed area to sit whilst they were making final preparations before they teed off.

13149776_Rickie -Fowler -and -Bubba -Watson

Even in defeat, Ricky Fowler & Bubba Watson managed to enjoy themselves after the event!

The Verdict (verbatim!)

"Sheila and team,

Each time I head over the pond to produce our event, I am nervous and excited, mostly nervous, that I won't be able to get good quality finishing's and looks, that I won't be able to communicate my desires (in my American lingo) and will just have to 'make do' with what I find in a foreign country.

From our first meeting via email, I knew this was going to be different. You asked all the right questions and IMMEDIATELY offered ideas that I could have only dreamed of.  You took my ideas and transformed them into something realistic and splendid.  Into an atmosphere for success...we'll we did all we could in that department, right?!

When I was able to meet you in your offices, I was OVERJOYED with the professionalism and fun that you welcomed me with.  You had SOO many tangible examples to show me, you weren't afraid to offer different ideas from what I communicated and what I appreciated most of all was your honesty and flexibility which enabled me to be comfortable and real to really get the creative juices flowing and make true friendships with you...which was a personal bonus to be able to enjoy working with you on top of your obvious talent and experience.

Set-up in our MANY spaces was even more impressive. The team that you have are efficient, pleasant and you were cognoscente of our other vendors and made every effort to work around and with them.  With such a tight timetable, this was a dream come true and I know our other vendors appreciated this as well.

I truly am going to miss working with your company when we bring our event to another country in four years' time...maybe you can travel to Paris with us...start making contacts there and it's a DATE!  I will remember you and 88 Events for many years and my future décor/rentalvendors have BIG shoes to fill now that I've see what amazing work your team produces.

I received COUNTLESS compliments on every aspect you were involved. I was COMPLETLEY stress free when it came to all areas you were involved with and you really made me look like a superstar...even when it came to budget!!!

I hope you remember me when you see POPS OF COLOR as I have learned many things from working with you, one being don't settle and think outside the box!

All my best and deepest gratitude,"

Corinne Whitaker

Special Events Coordinator, Ryder Cup 2014 PGA of America

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