Global Product Launch for Apollo Tyres

Luxury tyre brand Vredestein tasked us with finding the perfect location for them to hold a week long event, then launching two new tyres to the global market. 

Every aspect of the event from the venue to travel, staffing to uniforms had to conform to their brand identity; slick, premium, polished and professional.

650 guests from 30 worldwide locations arrived to Scotland over the course of six days to complete a two day sales journey that had to excite, and of course, be truly memorable to ensure the launch received worldwide publicity and acclaim. 

Guests were flown in on Vredestein branded plans, met by Vredestein clothed hostesses, taken to their five star hotels on luxury branded coaches and a fleet of chauffer driven cars. 

AV Branded Buses

AV Fleet Branded Car


Once guests had settled into their accommodation they were whisked to the stunning Mansfield Traquair in Edinburgh. 

AV Mansfield

Guests were treated to a breath taking evening of sumptuous food...

AV Inside Mansfield

AV Inside Mansfield 2

AV Mansfield Food 

A presentation from Vredestein was created using the latest in digital technology including a digital host called Ethan and 360 degree video mapping which ensured branding and product information was consistantly visable.  

 AV Digital Host

The evening was topped off with some show stopping entertainment courtesy of Escala.

VS Monday Mansfield 122


Vredestein were keen to show the product in action; we like to make sure our clients get what they want, so with that in mind we organised a car rally with a fleet of fully branded luxury cars, using Vredestein tyres, and of course, Vredestine branded drivers.

AV Car Rally

VS Thursday 141

VS Friday 083

AV Drivers

Guests were taken through the Scottish countryside ending the run at Gosford House.  Our client really wanted something unexpected and memorable to end the experience, so we though, why not make it snow in summer?  It was a winter tyre launch after all. 

AV Snow In Summer

A domed marquee was erected in the grounds of the House and as the guests stepped through the doors they were greeted with sub zero temperatures, snow and ice.  Mouth watering food was served from stations made of ice on clear glass charger plates to really complete the look. 

AV Snow Dome

VS Monday Gosford 024

VS Monday Gosford 063

VS Monday Gosford 041

AV Snow Dome Drinks

AV Snow Dome Food

VS Friday 012

VS Monday Gosford 028

The Verdict

Scotland = 88 Events
"Apollo Vredestein is extremely satisfied with the highly professional services offered by 88 Events. In all our decades of experience with organizing events, we can truly say that 88 is one of the best companies in the business. Their eye for detail is unrivaled, as well as their customer orientation and ability to translate our requests, visions and ideas into reality. Besides that 88 is capable of handling close to 100 suppliers simultaneously... very impressive. Their network of expert suppliers is equally impressive and complements the team. But besides delivering an amazing event, they are also genuinely smart, kind and lovely people to work with. So if you decide to have 88 create your event, get ready to have your highest expectations be surpassed!"

Michiel Kramer, Marketing Communications Manager, Apollo Vredestein

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