New Italian Stretch Chair Covers

For many years, we made a point of not hiring lycra or spandex chair covers. In fact, we were quite militant about this, revelling in the fact that our hire collection was a 'lycra-free zone'.

As pioneers in the UK rental market for the manufacture of luxury, designer quality linens and chair covers, we studiously avoided introducing lycra or spandex chair covers. Our reasoning behind this was that the market was saturated with very poor quality chair covers, often imported from China.

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Whilst we could see the benefits of a tight-fitting chair cover, the poor quality of imported chair covers from the far east was a major drawback for us. Put simply, the vast majority of lycra and spandex covers in the market are prone to 'bobbling' and generally don't wash well.

After much soul-searching and in response to overwhelming demand from our clients, we have decided to change our policy and have sourced a very high-quality nylon fabric that is made in Italy. We recently took delivery of a large batch of material and now have available for hire white and ivory stretch chair covers.

One thing you can be sure of is that when you hire stretch chair covers from 88 Events, they will be of the highest quality. And of course, you're still covered by our triple guarantee for quality and service.

Below are our white Italian Stretch Covers matched with our Taffeta Seat Ties in Grape Jelly and Midnight Blue.

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We've also introduced a range of Diamante Chair Wraps in a variety of colours to help add sparkle to your day.

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These can also be used as a band for napkins and other accessories such as nitelight holders.

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