Pinterest - A Bride's Ultimate Frenemy?

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Ok I’ll admit it. My name is Susannah and I'm a Pinterest addict.  I have designed countless homes that I will never live in and have already planned enough fantasy weddings to renew my vows on every anniversary until I’m 70.

Surveys estimate that around 70% of all couples now use Pinterest to plan their wedding and there are 38 million boards on the site which are currently dedicated to wedding planning.

The lure of Pinterest for the newly-engaged bride is easy to appreciate.  You have a beautiful new best friend, she is one of the ‘cool gang’ and is amazingly well connected. Before you know it she has helped you to create your dream wedding in just a few short clicks.

Celeb-worthy couture wedding gown - CHECK!

Candlelit fairytale-esque ceremony in an enchanted forest - CHECK!

A reception positively dripping in stunning florals and packed with blog-worthy DIY touches that you quickly whip up on your lunch break - CHECK!

But then suddenly the relationship turns sour when you realise that your new best friend is a cold-hearted liar who's been leading you up the garden path. 

  • You don’t actually have access to £250,000 to spend on a wedding.
  • That satin crepe gown looks stunning on the size zero, 6ft tall model but you’re only 5’2” and have a fondness for cake.
  • It rains a lot in Scottish forests, which will play havoc with the candles
  • The last time you turned your hand to DIY, you superglued your fingers together.

Essentially it is all too easy to create a fantasy wedding so wonderful that the reality can never match up and it can suck the joy out of the wedding planning process. 

That’s not to say that I am advocating avoiding Pinterest altogether, quite the opposite in fact as I think it can be an indispensable tool for any couple planning a wedding.

You should however use it cautiously and avoid going into pinning overload.  By all means draw inspiration from the beautiful weddings on the site but allow them to guide you and more importantly, your suppliers, to then create your own unique look rather than simply creating a carbon copy of someone else’s day.

Pinterest boards are a great way of allowing your friends and family to share in the excitement of your wedding planning without being overwhelmed by their suggestions.

Create a board and invite them to share their ideas which you can then review in your own time.  You can also get their feedback on ideas for bridesmaid dresses and hairstyles etc. 

Remember however to always check your privacy settings, once an image has been uploaded onto a public board it can very quickly be re-pinned thousands of times so ensure that personal photos or confidential information are only ever uploaded on to private boards.

There's also lots of practical tools which can be found on Pinterest from wedding checklists and table plan guides to budget calculators.  The key is sifting through the masses of information and selecting things which are effective and simple to use.


How To Make Pinterest Your Friend

In short, just as you would tackle a real life frenemy you need to follow these simple steps to stay in control:

Take Charge of the Situation

Approach your Pinterest wedding planning with a clear idea of what you want to achieve and avoid getting carried away with things which are neither affordable nor achievable.

Everything in Small Doses

Block out certain times in your week that you want to dedicate to wedding planning and tackle one issue at a time. Don’t use Pinterest to mindlessly procrastinate as your boards will quickly become jumbled and it's easy to lose focus of your original goal.

Have Confidence in Your Own Ideas

Don’t allow all of the beautiful weddings on Pinterest to knock your confidence.  Be brave and have the courage to create something which is unique to you You might just surprise yourself and find your own wedding being pinned by hundreds of other excited brides-to-be in the future.

Final Thoughts

You should bear in mind that many of the images on Pinterest have been created for a styled shoot on a single table and may not be practical or affordable to recreate for a larger wedding. 

So what looks like a whole wedding can in actual fact be a bespoke table costing thousands. Multiply that by 15 tables and the costs of recreating your favourite look suddenly become astronomical.

One florist told us that she regularly has brides coming in with pins from Karen Tran weddings or similar ultra high-end florists and asking to recreate the look with a small budget. Realise that florals from a designer of this calibre will cost TENS of thousands and not just a few.

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