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The wedding bouquet has a long and interesting history.  The very first bouquets served a dual purpose; to offer protection from any evil spirits and to protect the bride from nasty odours (the plague was rife at the time and the air was often thick with very unpleasant smells).  Bouquets of herbs and garlic were typical due to their pungent aroma.  

It was also common practice that following the ceremony, guests would rush to the bride and try to tear off a piece of her gown for good luck.  This was pretty unpopular with the brides themselves as let’s face it who wants their pretty wedding gown ripped to shreds on their wedding day? Therefore they carried larger posies which could be thrown to placate the waiting guests, hence the tradition of throwing the bouquet which still exists today.

During the Victorian era the popularity of bouquets soared and the ‘language of flowers’ evolved where meanings were assigned to each flower. Bouquets were therefore carefully chosen to convey a particular message to guests and loved ones.

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For today’s brides who are lucky enough not to have to worry about evil spirits or being attacked by their guests, bouquets tend to be chosen purely to look pretty and complement a chosen theme or colour scheme.  However there are still some things to bear in mind when choosing your wedding bouquet.

If you are working to a budget choose flowers which are in season and therefore readily available, this is far more cost effective than choosing flowers which will need to be shipped in from overseas.  A little research can let you know which blooms are in season for your wedding date to ensure maximum value for money.  Equally using an unusual grass or foliage to fill out a bouquet can be very striking and is cheaper than one created entirely from flowers.

There are a huge range of florists to choose from however bear in mind that the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’, is usually true.  Don’t be tempted to book someone simply because they are offering a cheap deal.  Book a face to face consultation and ask to see examples of their work.  If you are upfront about the budget you are trying to work with, an experienced florist will be able to suggest ways to get maximum value for money without compromising on the quality of the finished product.


For a good quality bridal bouquet you can expect to budget anywhere from £65.00 to £150.00, with bridesmaids posies starting from around £35.00.




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