Gelato Linen - Textured Elegance

Gelato -2017

Ever since its launch in 2013, 88 Events' Gelato range has seen huge growth in popularity. It now forms part of our core range of large stock linens along with old workhorses Essential & Vintage Damask.

Gelato originally began life with a pastel inspired six colourway palette. Last year, we added five new colours - Grigio, Denim, Caramello, Blackcurrant and the beautifully crisp Coconut. Of course we're biased but if there's a higher quality white textured rental linen on the market, we'd like to see it!

Gelato is a textured, pure linen look fabric but 100% polyester making it ideal for repeated use as shrinkage doesn't occur for a very long time.

As we've built our stocks up, we've followed through on our commitment to make luxury linens as affordable for as many people as possible. A six ft round cloth in Gelato started out in 2013 at £19.95 plus VAT. You can now hire the same size for £14.75 - a 26% reduction.

As a result, we fully expect Gelato to become our flagship linen range within the next 12-18 months.

If you're serious about creating stunning looking events with the highest quality rental linens then we urge you to take a closer look at Gelato.

Check out the following images from some of our clients and our own events and to see just how great Gelato looks in action.




Gentle Lavender

Out _In _012


Above photo courtesy of Heritage Portfolio.

Pink Almond

Pink Almond Close Up

Pink Almond Mansfield

Above Image Courtesy of Heritage Portfolio


Abi -and -Craig -0391

Abi -and -Craig -0334

Above images courtesy of Samuel Docker Photography.

Kelman Wedding 988

Kelman Wedding 879

Above image courtesy of Donna Murray Photography.

Wild Berry & Blackcurrant



88 Studio -007

Wild Berry


Coconut Assembly Rooms 1

Coconut Assembly Rooms 2

Coconut Assembly Rooms 3

Above images courtesy of Heritage Portfolio & Rankine Photography.

Violet Cream

Violet -cream -1



88Events Dundas Castle 053


Above image courtesy of Big Day In A Box.


88-Studio -010

88 Studio -036


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