Wedding Heroes & Villains

Heroes -and -villains2

Just the other day, I had a post-wedding de-brief with a client who'd just returned from honeymoon.

We didn't actually plan this client's wedding - just helped her out with some styling aspects. When I asked her if she enjoyed planning her wedding she said something that really resonated with me.

She very eloquently compared her wedding planning journey to the plotline of a disaster movie.

It had a very calm beginning. Then, a disastrous moment quite early on when her florist told her they'd double-booked her and couldn't actually do her wedding!

She then found another florist and everything seemed calm again. But it wasn't long before another series of mini-disasters occurred.

These included her venue being really difficult, family feuds over who to invite and even tension with her mother-in-law over accent colours and favours!

It had heroes. Her best friend, an extremely patient stationery supplier and ourselves!

And it had villains. Her disinterested at times fiance and her over-bearing but well-intentioned mother-in-law.

But like all good disaster flicks everything turned out fine in the end and I could tell she wasn't lying when she said it was genuinely the happiest day of her life.

Maybe some of this sounds familiar and you can relate to my client?

I have a theory that every wedding planning journey has to travel along the Wedding Highway of Bliss.

Some people get there without so much as stopping for a comfort break. Some people just get stuck in some minor traffic. A minority break down completely and need hauled in for a repair.

Here's how to tell if you're broke down on the wedding highway of bliss. (Hint: any one of these can cause severe engine failure):

  • You're struggling to bring your wedding vision to life
  • You're struggling to find suitable products and suppliers to create your dream wedding
  • The wedding planning process is stressing you out
  • You can't find enough time to actually plan the wedding
  • Your partner seems disinterested
  • Your own mother or future mother-in-law is being too controlling
  • You feel you're competing against your friends' weddings

Maybe it's time to call for some roadside assistance?

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