Event Seating Options - Long Tables vs Round Tables

At 88 Events, we love encouraging our clients to seat their guests at long, square or rectangular tables.

Judging by how many events we've done using this format, our clients buy into this idea too.

Obviously, the venue layout will dictate the best size and shape of table to use. If it's a flexible space, it's worth considering some alternatives to the traditional round table format.

There's some serious disadvantages to the traditional round-table set-up. For instance, in a noisy room, you often need a loud hailer to communicate with the person opposite you. 

Factor in a tall centrepieces and bottles of wine and meaningful conversation can become extremely difficult with all but the person either side of you.

Here's a couple of alternatives that could make a huge difference to the look and atmosphere of any gala dinner or wedding.

1. The Nearly Square Table

Square _table

The nearly square table

A favourite style of ours is to join two 6ft trestle tables together. This will create a nearly square 6ft x 5ft table. This allows everyone at the table to converse more easily with each other.

Better group conversation then becomes possible and the atmosphere improves dramatically.

Done properly, this table format should use bespoke tablecloths to fit. It's more expensive but the extra investment is worth it as there'll be no unsightly joins from having to use more than one tablecloth.

Square _table _centre

Even the vase is square!

2. The Long, Rectangular Table

Long _table _Stirling -Castle

Intimate dinner for 40 guests at Stirling Castle

A more traditional take on banqueting seating arrangements is the long, rectangular table.

For centuries, this has been the format for state dinners. In fact, it originates from medieval times when the King would sit in the middle of the table. 

This style of seating is very well suited to more traditional venues like castles and converted churches.

The table set-up is narrower but long so the event organiser needs to give careful thought to where guests are seated.

Long _tables _wedding

170 guests in a marquee sat at five long tables joined to the top table 

Got An Awkward Sized Table To Cover?

At 88 Events, we can manufacture bespoke tablecloths to fit practically any size of table. Click the following link for more details:

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