Introducing a free design service for busy event professionals.

Do you have a vision for your event but are struggling how to pull it all together?

Do you have a demanding client putting pressure on you to come up with creative ideas?

Do you feel uninspired or need some fresh input to make your events come to life?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then let us introduce 88 Events' 'Hire with Style' service.

What Is 'Hire with Style'?

'Hire with style' is a brand new service for clients who wish to use our hire service but would also like to take advantage of our design expertise.

Who Is It For?

Any company that organises events, e.g. corporates, agencies, venues, caterers etc. For example, in the image above, our client was a Destination Mgt Company working for an end client. The DMC approached us to design the table and room styling for the event. We had no contact at all with the end client.

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Why Should You Use It?

One of the unique things about 88 Events is that event hire is just one half of what we do. We're also experienced event planners with an eye for cutting edge design especially when it comes to table and room styling. The advantage for you is that you can tap into this experience to create events for your clients that exceed their expectations.

How Does it Work?

The service is totally flexible and designed around your needs. Let's say you've got a client hosting a gala dinner and the theme is a midsummer's ball. We would then come back to you with a detailed set of styling options that would work for this theme using the hire products we have available. If you'd like us to organise any other services for you, such as lighting or room dressing then we can do that as well. Like we said, the service is totally flexible.

Do You Need A Budget?

In a word, yes! There's no point asking us to quote for a 'Rolls-Royce' style event when the budget is of 'Ford Focus' size. That would just be a waste of time for both of us. If you don't have an exact budget then we need parameters, i.e. the max amount they'd spend and then we can provide various options at different price points.

How Do You Present It?

Again, flexibility is the key. If you want us to send you two versions, one with costs and one without (to show your client) we can do that. We can also brand it with key stakeholder logos if you wish.

What About Confidentiality?

For us, this is key. Ultimately our client is you so that's where the buck stops for us. We guarantee never to take any credit for work unless you or your client authorise it. Neither will we discuss pricing with your client unless you authorise it.

Can We Meet You Beforehand?

Of course, in fact we encourage it! If you can make it to our Glasgow design studio then we highly recommend it. Some clients like to come alone whilst others like to bring their clients along.

We have clients from all over the world visit our studio. Recent visitors include a law firm hosting an event in London, the marketing director of a multinational tyre manufacturer, the events manager from the PGA of America and countless event organisers, venues and caterers.

It's a busy old place our design studio and so appointments are scheduled in advance.

If you can't make it in person then we can easily consult by phone and email.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our design service is free of charge. You simply pay for any items you hire. We then charge a fee for any services you wants us to organise on your behalf.

How Much Notice Do You Need?

As much as possible. The more notice we get with sensible deadlines, the better we'll be able to help you.

How Do I Start The Ball Rolling?

The first step is to have a quick phone consultation. Click the button below to request a consultation and one of the team will be in touch. Alternatively, call now on 0141 445 2288.

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