Free Design Service

As part of our mission to help clients create the best possible table styling at all times, we’re delighted to offer a free design service.

Our 'Hire with Style' event design service is aimed at busy event professionals and private clients who need help creating outstanding table styling but lack the creative expertise and/or are short of time.

So let’s say you've got a demanding client breathing down your neck demanding creative ideas yesterday. Or maybe you’re looking to style your dream wedding.

Simply give us your brief and the basic event details and we'll put some creative together for you. 

This will help you or your client visualise exactly how the event will look on the big day.

Two Types of Consultation

All of our design advice is completely free and there's two easy ways to have a consultation: 

  1. Design Studio Consultation

In our Glasgow design studio, you can view 88 Events' full hire collection and even do a mock-up of how your event will look by trying out different designs on our 'play table'.

It's like entering an Aladdin's cave full of table styling products. In fact, one event professional recently commented:

"I loved coming to your studio – it was an event organiser’s dream!"

So it's no surprise that we highly recommend arranging a free design studio consultation with one of our expert event stylists.

  1. Virtual Studio Consultation

If you can't make it in person to our studio then don't worry. We can arrange a 'virtual' consultation by phone, Facetime or Skype and we can photograph designs that you can then get by email. 

A virtual consultation is ideal if you're based outside Scotland or the North of England.

All design studio consultations, both face-to-face and virtual are by appointment only and tend to take place during normal business hours, Monday to Friday. 

How To Get Started

To get the ball rolling, call us on 0141 445 2288, email us or click the button below to make an enquiry:


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