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"Thanks for all your help with the gala dinner – it looked amazing and was exactly what I envisaged!"

Assured Events - Account Director

Expert Event Design That Makes Your Life Easier

Maybe you're a busy corporate event manager trying to freshen up your annual awards ceremony. Or perhaps you're with an agency and need to pitch some awe-inspiring decor ideas to that whale of a client you've been chasing for months.

Whatever your situation, the pressure is on you to get the proposal in on time and not go over budget. 

And we understand the pressure you're under to deliver. Because for 20 years we were just like you - designing AND planning events for clients. 

Now we focus all of our energy on growing our hire business. Our ultimate mission is to help our clients make their events as visually stunning as their budgets will allow.

So we now have much more time to help agency clients like you deliver the very best events.

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"The decor provided by you was amazing!"

Vok Dams Live Events - Project Manager
A medieval themed banquet at Stirling Castle
A medieval themed banquet at Stirling Castle

Introducing Our Free Design Service For Busy Event Profs

'Hire With Style' is our free event design service and is tailor-made for busy event professionals.

How does it work? Pretty simple really.

Rather than spending your valuable time trawling through our vast website and comparing countless possibilities, give us your brief and let us do the work for you!

Get in touch with us as early as possible. A short phone call on 0141 445 2288 is usually all it takes to get a good understanding of what you want to achieve.

Once we've received your brief, we'll put some creative together for you.

This will help you and your client visualise exactly how the event will look on the big day.

And if you want free fabric swatches to show your client, we'll take care of that as well. Whatever you need to seal the deal.

There might be other elements of your event you need help with. Flowers, lighting, etc. We're happy to arrange these for you but full disclosure: we will add a mark-up. The scale of our fee depends on how much extra work is involved from our side.

So it's often more cost-effective for you to arrange these other elements yourself.

And if you need help sourcing suppliers, we're more than happy to introduce you to some companies who can help. Commission FREE.

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At 88 Events, we’re on a mission:

To help the UK’s caterers, event agencies, venues, wedding planners and future newlyweds create the most beautiful table styling that their budgets will allow.

If you really care about the way your event looks then you'll find like-minded people at 88 Events. It doesn't matter whether you have £100 to spend on styling or £10,000. We'll help you create something special that still fits within your budget.

Get in touch today and discover how we can help you create the most visually stunning event. And make you look like a superstar in the process!

Call us today on 0141 445 2288 or click the button below to chat.

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