Purchase Linen

Purchase Tablecloths for Your Venue or Rental Business

88 Events can manufacture for sale high quality, made-to-measure tablecloths that will last for years.*

You can purchase tablecloths from the majority of our fabric ranges** including colours we don’t stock ourselves or we can manufacture tablecloths using fabric you've sourced directly.

We can also manufacture large sized tablecloths to cover very large tables.

For instance, have you ever had an event where the tables were strange sizes or you wanted a single, large tablecloth to cover a huge table?

Did you have to settle for multiple tablecloths with lots of unsightly joins?

Well, the next time you have a similar challenge, contact 88 Events and ask us to quote for a single piece tablecloth. 

How It Works

  • Contact us with your requirements
  • Receive a quote and free fabric swatches to check colour
  • On confirmation of order, we can send you a sample tablecloth to ensure you’re happy with the fit. This is useful if you want a certain drop or your table is an unusual size.
  • Manufacturing lead-times are generally between 2-12 weeks dependent on order size, whether we have fabric in stock and how busy our manufacturing team is.
  • We will give you a ballpark estimate of lead-time at quote stage and provide an accurate delivery date once order is confirmed.

How To Get Started

To get the ball rolling, call us on 0141 445 2288, email us or click the button below to make an enquiry:

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* We recommend normal washing temperature of no higher than 40°c. and tumble dry max 10 mins before pressing on a roller iron. Certain stains such as oils, clarified butters, spices, coloured candle wax etc. will require pre-treatment before washing.

**All fabrics in our current Linen Hire collection can be purchased excluding Faux Silk, Chic, Monaco & St.Tropez