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"In all the years we have been working with them, I can't recall a time when they have let us down."

Heritage Portfolio Ltd Executive Director

Are You Stuck In A Table-Styling Rut?

Do you ever feel that the quality of table styling at your events is not congruent with the high standard of food, drink and hospitality you provide?

If so, there's a good chance you're stuck in a table styling rut.

The first impression your clients' guests will have about you as a business is when they enter the room and see your banqueting tables laid out in all their splendour.

If the table styling is in any way mundane or the linen is not of a good enough quality, you're on the back foot before your hors d'oeuvres are even served. 

Here's some more ways to tell if you need to up your table styling game:

  • Do you dread demanding clients asking you to 'be more creative'?
  • Do you ever envy the events your competitors post on social media?
  • Are you frustrated at the lack of fabrics & colour choice your current linen supplier provides?
  • Do you fear your next linen delivery, knowing that some of it might not be up to standard?
  • Have you ever been embarrassed by your table linen?
  • Do you find yourself complaining to your linen supplier or just accept things the way they are?
  • Do you feel your existing linen company doesn't get you?
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"We are really impressed by 88 Events. Creative, approachable and helpful - their service is 1st class."

Gleneagles Hotel Event Services Director
Hire everything you need to create stunning looking tables at your event
Hire everything you need to create stunning looking tables at your event

Top Quality Table Linen Hire For Hospitality Professionals

The Hire Collection by 88 Events is an unrivalled selection of table linens, chair covers, chairs and table styling products that makes it easy to create visually stunning events in an unlimited amount of styles.

We manufacture all of the linens ourselves using fabrics sourced from all over the world.

Then we launder all of the linen in-house using specialist techniques that keep our fabrics looking as good as new after multiple hires. That's how we can guarantee the quality of our linen.

Yes, you read that correct.

We provide a quality guarantee on every piece of linen from our Hire Collection*.

But quality is the minimum you should expect. 

The real secret sauce can be found in the fact that we have an unrivalled range of fabrics and table styling products with which you can create amazing looking events.

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Huge selection of exclusive fabrics, colours and styling products + Free, expert styling advice = WOW Factor Events

88 Events' Recipe For Success

How Caterers & Venues Work With Us

88 Events is proud to serve some of the UK’s top event caterers & venues. Because we come from an event planning background, we understand how your clients think and the pressure you’re under to deliver the very best event.  

The first thing we encourage new catering clients to do is to request our linen swatch book. It contains the mother-lode of our fabrics and colourways and will really impress your clients at the initial meeting or tasting. This is an invaluable tool that you’ll use over & over again to stir your creative juices when styling your events. 

Later on, if you need to show your client something physical, we can send you free fabric swatches by 1st class post that will really help seal the deal on what you’re recommending.  

This will help you and your client visualise exactly how the event will look on the big day. 

Moving on from your initial enquiry with us, we find that there’s two main ways catering and venue clients work with. 

Many prefer to work with us on an as and when required basis. However, we also have a large amount of clients all over the UK that incorporate our linens into their own packages. 

Most clients who use us in their own packages use either the Essential or Gelato ranges.

This gives your clients a wonderful choice of 35 different colours across 2 totally different fabrics. 

Whatever way you choose to work with us we guarantee you the highest quality products and service. 

Get Started Now

At 88 Events, we’re on a mission:

To help the UK’s caterers, event agencies, venues, wedding planners and future newlyweds create the most beautiful table styling.

It doesn't matter whether you need to hire some napkins or style a gala dinner for hundreds. We'll help you create something special that fits within your budget. 

To find out more about working with 88 Events at your venue or catering business, call us today on 0141 445 2288 or click the button below to chat.

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  • Woodland Taffeta Table Linen
  • Private Dinner at Dundas Castle
  • Powder Blue Verona Table Linen
  • Misty Rose Vintage Damask Linen
  • Silver Milano Table Linen
  • Mocha St. Tropez Table Linen
  • Vanilla Milano Table Linen
  • Gala Dinner at Mar Hall Hotel
  • Sand Milano Table Linen
  • Latte Monaco Table Linen
  • Slate Charger Plate
  • Graphite Gelato Linen
  • Super Silver Taffeta Table Linen
  • Nero Verona Table Linen

*Quality guarantee applies to all linen collections except Principle Linen which is a contract fabric designed for high volume/fast turnaround caterers